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Providing the Physical Therapy you need to keep performing all of life's activities 

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What can
Perform PT
help you with today?

  • Neck and Back Pain

  • Shoulder/elbow/wrist/hand pain

  • Hip/knee/ankle/foot pain

  • Sports/recreation injuries

  • Post-surgical rehab

  • Balance problems

  • Exercise/Fitness programs

  • Neurologic disorders: Parkinson's, post-stroke

  • Vestibular disorders: vertigo, vestibular dysfunction

  • Chronic pain


Initial Evaluation

During this session, we'll talk about your reason for coming to see me. I'll spend time asking questions to learn about your condition, your previous level of function, and how your condition is affecting your life. Then, I'll take specific measurements of the impairments that may be causing your problem and together we'll come up with a treatment plan that makes the most sense for you to help you reach your ultimate goal of feeling and moving better.

Follow up appointments

During these sessions, we'll review your progress . We'll discuss any setbacks or challenges you've had with your therapy program, and make updates or modifications to keep you moving toward your goals. Based on your individualized therapy plan, your session may include manual therapy treatments, corrective exercises, therapeutic modalities, or some combination.

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Telehealth uses electronic communication to remotely provide health care information and services. There is a combination of clinical, technical, and financial considerations that determine if telehealth is right for you. Some of the benefits of telehealth include:

  • Scheduled like a normal visit

  • One-on-one visit 

  • Saves you time (no travel time)

  • Saves you money (no travel costs)

  • Minimize your risk

*Please note that telehealth appointments are private pay only.

Pilates Instructor

Additional Services

Elevate your journey to wellbeing with
enhanced care options

Wellness Visit

To continue your journey to health and optimal performance

So your therapy plan has ended, and you're now focused on maintaining your wellness and even improving your fitness. You can continue your exercise program with one-on-one monitoring, coaching, and program progression to achieve your desired fitness goals. Available to former patients, no longer actively receiving skilled physical therapy services.


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